It is obviously extremely important that your vehicle's brakes operate optimally in order to stop your vehicle quickly and safely in all situations. Our team of specialists can inspect your entire brake system to ensure that all components are in good condition and operating as they should.

The braking system is inspected for wear and tear or damage, as well as checking thicknesses and condition of brake pads, rotors and other vital components. Brake pads are replaces as required, and discs can be machined to ensure smooth and quiet operation.

If you suspect you may have any issues regarding your braking system, do not hesitate to contact Eastern Heavy Workshop to keep yourself and others safe.


Eastern Heavy Workshop services and maintains clutches, gearboxes and other driveline components including differentials and transaxles. Clutch replacement, flywheel machining, and hydraulic clutch repairs and maintenance are among the services we offer in order to keep your entire drivetrain in top condition.

We also perform drive shaft repairs or replacement as well as bearing and seal repairs and service. Call our experienced team today.


Modern automatic transmissions are extremely complex and it requires specialised knowledge to maintain this sophisticated and expensive piece of equipment. At Eastern Heavy Workshop we service and repair all makes and models, from modern electronically controlled units to older mechanical systems.

It is important that all automatic transmissions are serviced regularly, including draining and flushing the system. We will ensure that the correct transmission fluid and filter are used, ensuring that your transmission not only performs as it should, but also lasts.

Long distance travel and heavy towing can put a great load on your automatic transmission, so call Eastern Heavy Workshop to maintain your transmission and avoid any costly or inconvenient issues before they occur.

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