Suspension and steering are some of the most important areas in terms of the safety and performance of your vehicle. Our experts can inspect and maintain all areas of your car's chassis, suspension and steering components. Faulty or worn items in these areas can contribute greatly to lowering the dynamics of your vehicle's performance, and may lead to devastating results.

Stopping distances can be greatly increased by worn suspension components, and worn or faulty shock absorbers can affect your vehicle's handling and steering. Don't risk your own safety or that of other road users with a vehicle which does not perform as it should. Call us today to inspect your suspension and steering to ensure all areas are in a safe and optimum condition. Eastern Heavy Workshop use only the best quality replacement parts for all our work.


Tyres perform a vital part of your vehicle as they are the only contact you have with the road. Not only do your tyres need to be in good condition, but they must be matched to the requirements of your vehicle and driving. At Eastern Heavy Workshop our experts can advise on the best solution for your requirements in terms of performance, wear and budget.

We can not only fit and balance your tyres, but also perform a wheel alignment to ensure they perform as they should and do not wear prematurely. We also recommend suspension and steering checks to ensure your vehicle's entire handling system is safe and secure. Punctures can also be repaired when safe and legal to do so.

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