At Eastern Heavy Workshop our team can meet all your mechanical repairs and servicing requirements on all makes and models of cars, SUVs and light vehicles, along with light trucks and other heavy vehicles. We work on all vehicles, old and new. Whether your vehicle features the latest electronically controlled technology or is an old-school classic, we will keep you on the road with the peace mind that your vehicle is in good hands.

Our team of professionals have decades of experience, along with a love of all things mechanical. We love to keep our customers happy and take great pride in all the work we do.


Automotive manufacturers insist vehicles are maintained in certain ways and according to a specific recommended schedule in order to keep your new car warranty valid, and also to maintain your vehicle's optimum safety and performance.

This doesn't mean that these services must be provided by the manufacturer. Our certified mechanics have the expert knowledge required to meet the manufacturers' warranty criteria, and can complete all log book servicing and other requirements. You log book entries will be completed in order to keep everything in compliance with manufacturers' requirements.


The fuel injection system is one of the more sophisticated parts of a modern vehicle. Issues with modern engine management systems can literally disable a car completely. Regular servicing and parts replacement is required to ensure all systems are working as they should, and continue to do so. Not only should fuel and air filters be replaced regularly, but also spark plugs and other parts of the system need to be checked or cleaned periodically to maintain your vehicle's fuel injection performance.

At Eastern Heavy Workshop our experienced experts utilise the latest in engine management and diagnostic equipment to pinpoint any issues and ensure optimum performance from your engine. Call us now if you have or suspect any issues with your fuel injection system, or to discuss a recommended servicing schedule.

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